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If you’re a wedding supplier in the UK join Emporella's Weddi ng Club and grow your business, network & expand your portfolio

Wedding Club

Why join the Wedding Club?

​You’re a wedding supplier in the UK, wanting to grow your business, network & expand your portfolio. We get you, because we are wedding suppliers as well. Having worked in the industry nearly 15 years, we’ve been waiting to create this space for all wedding suppliers in the UK for some time, & we are ready. The wedding club is for YOU the supplier who is ready to connect with other industry professionals in a meaningful way, who wants to work alongside others & create an epic space within our industry in your local communities.

Why is this the place to be ?

​Find your wedding industry besties!

We have created the largest Facebook wedding chat group in the UK, with so many brides to be and suppliers already chatting weddings. In Wedding Club we bring so much more! From dedicated chat rooms for industry conversations, networking & collaborating with other professionals so you can work together, organise styled shoots! Hear what’s happening in our industry first, from other professionals. Learn strategies, tips and trends to stay on track whilst running your business. Not only can you interact with other wedding professionals, you will have access to Bride Club, one dedicated safe space for brides to be and wedding professionals to chat, support & offer services.

Each member within Wedding Club & Bride Club, creates a profile, with profile pictures, names on display, information about each person… we get to know one another in a safe space.When it comes to the big day, you guys have already built up a great relationship, the wedding day becomes even more magical!

You know this is right for you if:

  • ​A wedding supplier wanting to connect with other industry professionals, in a safe place to network & collaborate.

  • Learn industry tips, tricks and business growth.

  • Connect with brides to be, to nurture your skills within a safe space, offer your skills, generate sales/bookings.

  • Still learning the elements of the wedding industry, maybe you’re just starting out or only just finished your first wedding season. 

  • An industry expert who wants to share knowledge with other industry professionals, especially changing to a more sustainable industry and supporting British manufacturing.

  • Find your wedding supplier bestie! We understand as business owners, we can feel lonely, not only are we making the decisions, no one to look sideways to, we go out there on our own to the weddings many times, so why not find your besties in your local community, support one another online & offline.

  • Wanting to run your business mindfully, sustainably, with self care in mind! 


Don’t wait! 

Every minute you spend in the Wedding Club will save you precious time and energy trying to research and navigate on your own.

What’s more, your body & mind will thank you for putting your health first whilst running your business while being in the Wedding Club. The impact working within the wedding industry has on our health & wellbeing can be negative, so we’re on the road to creating businesses with our work life balance in mind. 

With a mindful approach to Wedding Planning.

​Take that first step and get the support you need within the Wedding Club​.

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