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Wedding Cake Inspiration – What’s Yours?

Here you are at the start of your wedding planning journey. You have all these ideas flying around. Trying to decide on:

  • A theme for the wedding,

  • Thinking about the colours that you want,

  • The style of dress or suit you will wear

  • What venue you would like to use,

  • What flowers you want

  • Who to invite (or not!)

the list is endless. It can be really daunting when suddenly you have all these decisions to make for one of the biggest days of your life.

One of the things I suggest to my couples when we start the design process for the cake is to create a Pinterest board that can be shared. When looking for wedding cake inspiration don’t just think (or look) for other cakes. Having a bespoke cake means thinking outside of the box. By all means, look at the galleries of different designers, but be careful that it is not just a copy and paste of someone else’s cake. It should be unique to you.

Look Around You

Look at art, textures, colours, architecture, interior design, couture fashion, flowers and nature. All of these can be a source for wedding cake inspiration.

A cake designer will take these inspiration images and during the consultation will drill down to the core of the vision. From there they will draw up designs to help you make your ultimate choice. Don’t be afraid to challenge what the designer is putting across. If it doesn’t feel right then say so. That way, they can make the necessary tweaks to the design. Until you get to the final rendering.The cake is a reflection of your vision for your wedding and the designer should take all the time needed to ensure that they have hit the mark.

Remember, the images of this cake will be around for a long time so make sure you are going to be happy with the end result.

Guest blogger: Vanilla Spice Cake Studio /

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