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Should You Have A Wedding Photographer For A Small Wedding?

One of the key reasons a couple will have a wedding photographer is to ensure that all the special moments, both big and small, are captured forever. These pictures will allow you to be instantly transported back to that unique moment in your life and remind you of how truly special that day was.

One question that was recently discussed in Emporella's social feed, was whether or not you should have a wedding photographer at a small wedding. Now, obviously you get final say on your wedding day but it is always good to get some advice from other brides and grooms that are in the same situation as you. 

Carry on reading to take a look at some of the key points that were made during that discussion. If you are currently in the same situation then this advice could really help you make a final decision. 

Should You Have A Wedding Photographer For A Small Wedding?

Advice From Real Couples And Professionals

“Depends, if you want to remember the day in detail, have things captured that you don’t see, have photos of loved ones that may not be here for long and look good in photos then 100% get one. If you aren’t and would settle for iPhone photos, not fussed about seeing the best version of you or don’t feel the need to remember or reminisce then don’t have one. 

You can always reach out to photographers and talk about how they work such as documentary style, these photographers capture the moment and aren’t as intense as other styles”



“We have 32 at our wedding (including us and our two children) and have a photographer. I think they have the ability to capture moments that you’ll have missed yourself or will want to remember forever. Definitely worth it! The wedding may only last one day but the memories will last a lifetime!


“100% we had just 45 at our wedding and 10 years on we are still so glad we did.

I had a gorgeous couple marry this summer with just 15 guests - so many moments the photographer capture but the couple don’t see”



“I’m a photographer who is having my own small wedding (38 people) in a few weeks time! We’re just having somebody come to cover the ceremony and reception, so we get some photos without having somebody there the whole day. 

Maybe look for photographers who offer a micro wedding package if this sounds good!”



“We will be just us, our kids and 2 witnesses when we get married and we’re having a photographer. They’re moments you’ll never be able to capture again”


Would You Have A Wedding Photographer For A Small Wedding?

So those are some of the key points from our Real Wedding Chat and I hope they help you if you are debating whether or not you need a wedding photographer.

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