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How To Make Your Own Natural Wedding Confetti

Updated: Feb 1

Have you ever considered creating your own natural wedding confetti? We’re not talking about that paper confetti that always ends up littering the churchyards and streets for weeks after the wedding, we’re talking about beautiful homemade natural wedding confetti made from your old dying flowers. This confetti doesn't just look pretty, it is also a much better alternative to the confetti you will find in the shops because it is made from 100% natural materials, meaning it will naturally disappear without leaving any damaging effects.

So, let’s get straight to it. If you want to help plan a more sustainable wedding celebration then look below at the super simple, step-by-step process to making your very own beautiful natural wedding confetti!

What Equipment Do You Need To Make Natural Wedding Confetti?

  • A bunch of flowers that are ready to be thrown away

  • A little hessian bag 

  • A place in the sun or an oven

  • A couple of newlyweds

Making The Confetti

Making the natural wedding confetti is super easy and really doesn't take much time or crafting knowledge to achieve. All you need to do is grab a bunch of old dying flowers that are ready to be thrown away and start removing all the petals from the stem. Once you have removed all the petals you can either leave them outside in the sun or, if it is another typical gloomy day in England, you can put them on a very low heat in the oven to dry out. This will help them from dying before the wedding day has arrived.

Now, your natural wedding confetti is complete! You need to store them in a little bag to keep them all together in one place and, in our opinion, the best thing to store them in is a little hessian bag. Take a look at the range of personalised gifts and bags we have available on our online marketplace by clicking on the button below. 

These little bags of natural wedding confetti are great wedding favours that the bride or groom could leave near the exit of the wedding ceremony for the guests to pick up on their way out. Then, when the happy couple walk out together they can be showered with the stunning flower petals. Just imagine those wedding photos!

How Can I Make My Wedding More Sustainable?

There are so many ways to make your wedding more sustainable and a lot of the time you won’t need to change very much. Take a look at some of the blogs we have previously written about planning a more eco-friendly wedding to feel more sustainably inspired. All of them are jam packed with great ideas that can help you transform your wedding into something that could really make a difference! Check out Emporella's other blogs.

Have You Got Any Wedding DIY Tips?

We hope you loved our little wedding DIY idea and we have plenty more where that came from so keep your eyes peeled! The best way to keep up to date with all things wedding and Emporella is by joining our mailing list for all the latest trends, updates, tips and tricks. Simply fill in your details below to be a part of our guest list!

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