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Celebrating Handmade on International Women's Day

Dear Readers,

It's such a joy to be here with you, talking about International Women's Day Friday 8th March 2024, okay, okay, it’s totally a thought-dumping, rambling post that just comes from the heart and doesn’t get edited to high noon, yah feeling me?! I come to your wandering mind, to fill it with love and questioning thoughts, because isn't that what we all need, a little bit more love in our days, also some kick arse attitude?

I use to not be a big fan of # days, because they mainly derived from marketing techniques, and I ain’t one to follow the norm. But as my days go by, I become older, and a wee wiser. The # days are now seen with love, a moment to stop, remember, and be present. We live such busy lives, that we can not see what’s going around us at times. This is why mindful practices are a must, which we love to support here at Emporella. (Have you checked out our mindful wedding facebook chat group? Nearly hit 30k members ~

Now, these days (most days ~ human) I seek just love, and when I looked ahead and saw that International Women’s Day was coming up, it was such a fitting time to do a celebration of women who are creatives. Being a historical costumier, corsetier, tailor, milliner, set design, bridal designer & couture dressmaker over my years, I really have truly embraced the craftsmanship lifestyle. Understanding the technical work to get to a good practice, it takes years of devoted work, making mistakes, learning, pushing through, exploring, experimenting and being creative means we don’t follow the norm, we create that bloody space!

Yet, I find the creative industry the most undervalued industry in the UK. Do you remember the UK government telling the public to reskill, with the picture of the female ballet dancer? Haha what a joke, and they govern us, so women and creative’s, let us subliminary tell you through the media we dictate and own, go relearn.. (bloody nora, that’s just one ridiculous example). Then being a female, a mother to 3 beautiful babies, I can also see the difference in equality between just the simple man and woman, especially through pregnancy and being a business owner (what a joke, oh and let’s not discuss childcare costs in the UK). How the heck we’re going to help anyone, when we can’t even get equality between men and women right.

Well, after that mouthful, I truly love creatives, because when we walk down our streets, that little something that makes you smile, was done by a creative, a thinker, an explorer, someone experimenting. I also truly love the close creatives around me and I celebrate them so much with love and gratitude. I was brought up surrounded by an exploring mind, my mumma Jan, but sadly my beautiful women around me, my mother, my very well missed grandma, my aunties wasn’t of the era to be allowed to explore in the same sense we do now in their youthful years (gosh we have so much at our fingertips in 2024! I ain’t a fan of A.I !!!), they’ve passed on so much of their creativity onto me. Watching them all those years as a young girl move their body, design and make, it fills me with joy, and love, the simple memories.

Us women are naturally connected to mother earth, we sing with the moon and we’re nurturers. We have beautiful skills, talents that take years to practice, but yet, I see inequality for women and creatives. I would love to see change, but it’s going to take time, with more of a positive communication between us all.

Emporella has always stemmed from my passion of creating change, I did that during the years in my bridal shop, explored, created, learned and spoke to brides day in and day out. I cried with you, hugged, loved and sorrowed. I sometimes didn’t get it right, but that’s all part of growth, nurturing and love to allow us to keep evolving to be able to know what’s needed to create a positive impact. No longer in my bridal shop, due to the many inequalities from the past 4 years, and now being in a space to grow Emporella, and evolve in the online space excites me. 

So, first up was International Women’s Day ramblings!!! & what a great day to share some thoughts with you.

Emporella has been creating community, mindful wedding chat and offering wellness products in our online shop. That all supports our UK sellers we are onboarding in our wedding shop, it’s a wonderful time. A time of growth, love and changing the online space for weddings in the UK! Let’s kick some arse ladies (& men I see you, I have one of you lovely lot at home who’s championing me & I championing him).

We need more women in power though, for empathy and to do bloody good things with wealth, rebuild our local economies and create a beautiful wedding industry here in the UK. So, if you’re a woman reading this, go deep inside to your inner voice and listen, know your song and sing with it. 

Sending smiles,

Claire Amelia

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