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A Modern Twist On A Wedding Day Tradition

A bride who made it their mission to plan a DIY wedding using only biodegradable materials and things that can be used again…this sounds like a wedding we can get into! 

Georgia & Sam’s autumnal wedding was beautifully captured by Blue Jay Photography at the wonderful Saxon Mill on the 21st October 2021. The venue was decorated using items that Georgia and her mum had made and collected themselves, from signage to floral confetti, making it a day that had family and love entwined within its core.

A Modern Twist On A Wedding Day Tradition

Do YOUR Thing On Your Wedding Day

Something we always remind people is that a wedding day comes with no rule book. No one HAS to do anything they don’t want, in a way they don’t like yet a lot of people follow tradition because it seems like the right thing to do. Well, not for Georgia and Sam…

“One other thing that was important was for the women to be featured as much as the men. It’s the bit of the wedding that always got to me from other people’s big day. We didn’t use the term “giving away” . My dad just walked with me because that was nice for us. There were 2 women’s speeches and 2 men’s speeches. Our mums did readings. It was a really conscious decision because it doesn’t seem right that it’s usually the groom and dads that do all the talking and the bride and mums don’t say anything when our mums are so important in our lives.” - Georgia

If you don’t like something then no one will force you to do it. As time moves forward, traditions may become outdated. Follow Georgia's example and add a modern twist to your wedding day! After all, “who run the world?”

The Wedding Day

All the images featured in this blog are by Blue Jay Photography.

The Bride

Dress: Bridal reloved Leicester

Flower crown: @lunaandwild

Jewellery: Vintage Market 

Day Shoes: ASOS

Evening Shoes: Dr Martens 

Leather jacket: New Look and personalised by (the same tattooist that has completed 99% of the bride’s tattoos) 

Georgia’s Ring: Vintage

The Groom

Suit: Moss Bros

Shirt: M&S

Bow Tie / Pocket Square:

Shoes: New Look

Watch: It was his late grandads which his Nan gifted him to wear.

Sam’s Ring: Goldsmiths 

Venue & Decoration

Venue: The Saxon Mill

The legend of Zelda pins on the flowers where from @thewoodenpin 

Florist: Flowers were purchased from a few different shops including @floandtwine/ @mudgoodflowers / wood farm dried flowers / bubble and berry and then handmade by the bride and her maid of honour Ebony.

Cake: @mrsmscakes 

Catering: The Saxon Mill

Venue Decor: The couple picked all the fresh pumpkins themselves at @maltkilnfarm and wove the boho backdrop themself. 

Entertainment: Pulse disco

Photo booth: @go2events

Last Minute Sustainable Wedding Hack

“Our confetti was made from all of the bouquets of flowers myself, my mum, my Nan, Sam’s mum and Sam’s Nan and our friends. had received over a 2 year period. And from there gardens. Sam and I then dried all the petals. That was a nice thing to know the confetti had come from people we love. “

- Georgia

Feeling Inspired?

I would like to start off by saying thank you to the lovely Blue Jay Photography for these stunning photos. All the images in this blog were taken by Blue Jay Photography and aren't they just wonderful?

If you have a real wedding or editorial that you would like to share then email me at We love to share great images with our audience!

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