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20 Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Feb 1

Whether you are someone who has been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were a child and you know exactly what you want down to the last stitch, or you are someone who needs a few nudges from your bridesmaids to actually start looking for one, everything I mention today will apply to you.

As fun as it is to go wedding dress shopping, the whole experience can also feel overwhelming. It is very likely that you have never tried on a dress as extravagant as this before, it is probably a lot more expensive than any dress you have bought before and the pressure to find the “perfect” dress can sometimes make you a little lightheaded.

However, overall the experience of saying yes to your dress is one hell of a ride and one bit of advice I want to give you before we dive in is to take it all in. Live in the moment and be present. Try on as many dresses, keep asking for a top up of prosecco and really enjoy yourselfbecause these are some of those life moments you will cherish forever.

Here are my 20 tips that will help you say yes to the dress.

1. Get Scrapbooking

The wedding industry is inundated with wedding magazines, blogs, newspaper articles and wedding fairs so there are plenty of opportunities to get an idea of what kind of dress you would like to be strutting down the aisle in.

The best way to take advantage of all of these resources is by building up a scrapbook. Get all of your inspiration into one place by cutting sections out of magazines, taking pictures at the wedding fairs, making notes and creating a visual representation of what the dream dress looks like in your mind.

2. Never Say Never

I know you might think you know exactly what dress you want but don’t be afraid to try out other options. Bridal boutiques are used to brides coming into their shops with firm ideas of what they want but then end up leaving with a completely different look.

Listen to all the advice that is put your way and who knows, you might end up choosing a dress you didn’t even dream of.

3. Decide On A Budget Before You Start

This is probably one of the most important points that I want to make and it is probably one of the most helpful ones.

Everyone knows that weddings can be quite expensive but an easy way to help cut back the costs is by setting a budget before you start. If you have a range and you stick within it then it shouldn’t be unmanageable. 

Do this before you start buying things or shopping for your wedding dress. Having a budget in your mind should help keep things in control.

Take a look at our free downloadable guide that is created to help you stay within your wedding budget.

4. Know What Your Theme Is First

Before you start shopping for your wedding dress you need to know what your dress code/theme will be. As well as this, you need to decide if it will be an indoor or outdoor wedding as this is a big thing to consider when deciding on the length of your dress. You don’t want a long train collecting all these leaves up at an outdoor autumn wedding.

5. Do Your Bridal Boutique Research

There are a lot of bridal boutiques to choose from all over the country but in reality you don’t have time to visit them all so do your research and see which boutiques stock the dresses you like, at a price that fits within your budget.

It doesn’t hurt to check the reviews as well. You want the planning process to be smooth sailing so make sure you aren’t going to a shop that won’t treat you like the queen you are.

6. Make An Appointment

Once you have found a few bridal boutiques that you like it is best to pre book an appointment rather than just turning up. 

A lot of stores are very busy, especially in the peak season, and can’t always accept walk-ins so save some time by making an appointment.

You will also quickly realise that there are a lot of things that you’ll need to remember during the planning process, e.g. appointment dates and times, and, in my opinion, the best way to keep on top of it all is by writing it down in one place.

Take a look at the wedding planners that we have on It has over 150 pages to help you plan your dream wedding and has lots of helpful features to keep things on track, saving you time and money, and offers plenty of ideas.

7. Start Low And Work Your Way Up

Wedding dresses don’t have to break your bank in order for them to be “the one”. Rather than starting with the most expensive dress, try on the dress with the lowest price tag first and then work your way up to the most expensive.

Remember to be open and don’t go in with the mindset of the most expensive dress is the best because that isn’t always the case.

Another option to consider that could help keep the cost down is buying a sample wedding dress. This doesn’t mean it has previously been someone else's dress, it simply means that a bridal boutique has used it on the shop floor.

We have a great selection of sample wedding dresses on our online wedding marketplace that are to die for and they’re hugely discounted from their original price! Click on the button below to check them all out!

8. Weekends Are SO Last Year!

Weekends are usually the only time that people will have a bit of spare time in their calendar so it is no surprise that this is when bridal boutiques are usually their most busy. 

But, if you have the opportunity to have your appointment mid week then there will be more of a chance of getting some personal 1 on 1 treatment from the boutique. This isn’t always guaranteed and it isn’t always necessary either as some shops offer 1 to 1 appointments every day but it is definitely something to think about.

9. Who Do You Trust?

Wedding dress shopping requires some serious whittling down and honest truths. This is why you need to work out who are the best people to take with you on this journey!

Who do you trust? Who will be honest with you? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when assembling your bride tribe!

Think about when you are deciding on a place to eat when you’re out in a group…is it easy? Probably not. Everyone fancies different things and it ends up taking far longer than necessary to decide on a final answer. Now think about what it would be like if you took a large group out to pick your wedding dress…

If you want things to be smooth sailing then take 2 to 3 people with you. These are big decisions that are being made so you want the people you trust the most to be with you in these moments.

10. It’s What Is Underneath That Matters

A good thing to think about when choosing your wedding attire is what will be going on underneath when the big day arrives.

Just think about it, if you are trying on strapless wedding dresses then why have you chosen a bright pink bra to wear at your dress fitting? That won’t give you a realistic view of what you’ll look like on the big day.

Try pickout what underwear you will be wearing on your wedding day and wear that set for all of your dress fittings. This also helps for alterations as it’ll allow the seamstress to alter your wedding dress around your underwear. The last thing you need is surprise bumps and lines showing up due to your underwear.

11. Boob Tape

As well as your underwear it is a great idea to try out boob tape, especially if you are planning to wear a dress that is strapless or backless.

Lucky for you we have our very own boob tape that is the FIRST boob tape that is catered for brides. Our bridal boob tape is here to give you the ultimate lift on your wedding day, supporting you to feel comfortable, confident, and empowered to wear the outfit of your dreams! Available in 5 skin tones to suit your complexion and designed for all bust sizes.

12. Don’t Go Over Budget

As I previously mentioned it is so important to set your budget first and then start buying things as this can help you save so much money. However, sometimes this still doesn't stop brides and they’ll still look at dresses that aren’t within their budget.

Now, I understand that the wedding dress is a huge deal but always stays within the budget. It is one day and you don’t want it to leave a huge hole in your bank account. After the wedding comes the rest of your life and that's the life you want to enjoy. 

Only try on dresses that you know will work with the budget you have set. If you let one thing slide then everything will slide and that is not what you want to happen.

13. Maybe The Next One Will Be Right?

Be prepared to try on a lot of wedding dresses.

Go into your appointments with an open mind and try on as many dresses as you want and don’t feel disheartened if you don’t find the perfect dress right away.

Sometimes it takes a few appointments at a few different boutiques before you find the right dress for you. Take your time and enjoy every second. These moments are supposed to be fun so there is no need to rush!

14. Know Your Limits

If at any point you begin to feel overwhelmed then remove yourself from the situation and take a break. There is no point pushing yourself to breaking point.

Sometimes it can all become very overwhelming if you are trying on lots of dresses and there is nothing wrong with taking a break from it all. Do it all at your own pace.

15. Listen To YOUR Heart

It can be easy to say yes to the dress that your mum loved or your maid of honour said was her favourite but remember to pick the dress that YOU love the most.

Of course their opinions matter, that is why you brought them, but listen to what your heart is saying. Your heart is what got you here so it is doing a good job so far!

17. The Mirror Isn’t Always Right

Another reason it is important to get people to take your photo is because the mirror isn’t always right. How many times have you tried something on in a changing room, bought it, took it how and then discovered that it looked totally different? It happens!

Having the pictures taken at different angles and in different lights is the best way to get the best idea of how you will look when the big day arrives. Don’t always take the mirror’s view as the final view.

18. How Do You Feel In The Dress?

How you look is one thing but how you feel is really what matters.

Do you feel beautiful in your dress? Does it make you feel powerful? Do you feel like the best version of yourself? If the answer is yes then maybe you have found the right dress for you.

Don’t get caught up in the looks. If you think you look nice but don’t feel yourself then that is not the direction you want to go in. There are a lot of wedding dresses waiting to be tried on so do not rush the process.

19. What Jewellery Will You Be Wearing?

Think about what jewellery you will be wearing on the day. Are there any parts that could get caught in lace? Will anything be dangling down? Will you be wearing any back jewellery?

If you have any of the jewellery that you will be wearing for your wedding then consider wearing this to the dress fittings as well. This will help you see if the dress is going to work with your accessories.

Checking all the little things like this prior to the wedding will reduce the chances of any unwanted surprises on the day. 

If you are still looking for the perfect accessory then look no further. is a hub for all things wedding and there are some beautiful pieces available right here.

20. Stop Shopping

After you have found your dress and you are happy with it, sit back and stop shopping. Stop looking around and relax.

You have put in all the effort and you are happy with what you have chosen so there is no need to shop any more. 

Simply relax and look forward to seeing everyone react when you walk down the aisle.

Have You Found Your Wedding Dress Yet?

Those are our 20 points to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress. Did they help you?

We are always updating our blog page with new and helpful information so make sure you keep an eye out. If you would like some advice on a particular topic then get in touch. We are always around to make your wedding as perfect as you deserve.

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